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Smart Flexibility by Andy Lake

Smart Flexibility: Moving Smart and Flexible Working from
Theory to Practice is now available >>>

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About Andy Lake

Business writer

Andy Lake is a writer and business consultant - with a focus on the future. The way things could be: for better or for worse.

For nearly 20 years Andy has run the award-winning publication Flexibility, a journal of flexible working and business innovation. You can find it online at

From this strand of his work comes his first management book Smart Flexibility.  It's all about how to take a business-focused approach to delivering benefits: for the business, for employees, and for the environment.

Andy's consultancy work covers the following areas:

  • helping companies develop new ways of working
  • commissioned writing about business innovation
  • carrying out leading-edge research into new ways of working and their impacts on business, society and public policy
  • speaking and lecturing - to raise awareness, share knowledge and motivate for change

Find out about his consultancy work here, if you need support with Smart or Flexible Working.


Out now - Shades of Green - published Feb 2013

Shades of Green coverShades of Green is a political novel set in the near future.

What would happen if a government committed to green policies and animal rights principles were elected, and had the will and determination to carry them through?  Like a Green Taliban, only better organised and with the resources of a modern state at their disposal.  
In Shades of Green, that's just what happens.

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